Today, October 16, is National Liqueur Day! 

The word “liqueur” comes from the Latin liquifacere , which means to liquefy. Historically, liqueurs are descendants from herbal medicines often prepared by Italian monks as early as the 13th century. Liqueurs are also often called cordials or schnapps and are made from a distilled spirit flavored with fruit, spices, flowers, nuts, certain woods and cream, then bottled with added sugar or other sweeteners. The main rule of thumb to follow is that liqueurs have a noticeably sweeter, syrupy consistency, while liquors do not.  

For those of you saying, “I’m a bourbon lover! Liqueurs are not my style” ~ Stay tuned! We’ll announce some pretty ‘sweet’ news soon and can’t wait to introduce you to our bourbon cream liqueurs!

Cheers, y’all!! 

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