Additional Contract Services

We support our clients from Product Development all the way through to Packaging. A full suite of additional services is available including: Private Label Production, Co-Packaging, Barrel Storage & Barrel Brokering.

Private Label Production & Co-Packaging

  • Processing room on-site for blending and batching barrel aged spirits, unaged spirits, flavored vodkas and whiskeys, liqueurs and any other spirits imaginable.
  • Semi-automatic bottling line with ability to label both round and square bottles in varying sizes.
  • Finished goods warehousing available. Dual bay loading dock with easy access to Interstate-77 at the Interstate-40 interchange in Statesville, NC.
  • Production scale enables us to produce contract product on short lead times.
  • 3,000 square foot tasting room event space is available to clients for brand demonstration and tasting events.

Bonded Warehouse Barrel Storage & Barrel Brokering

  • Fully sprinklered, high bay, 11,000 square foot bonded barrel storage warehouse. Available storage volume of 4,000 barrels.
  • Expansion plans include two additional dedicated barrel warehouses on the 20-acre farm adjoining the distillery property.
  • New & used oak barrels available for purchase and/or filling.

Product Development

Custom Spirits Production, Batching and Blending.

Our skilled production team can assist with custom mash bill development. New product development process includes option of small batch R&D to select ideal mash bills.

See also Frequently Asked Questions about our Distilling Services.


We would love to talk with you more and find out what best fits your current needs and future plans!