Contract Distilling Services FAQ

What kinds of spirits can be produced in your facility?

We specialize in distilling bourbon, rye, American single malt and other custom whiskey mash bills. However, we are fully equipped and staffed to batch and blend a wide variety of high-quality spirits.

Do you only work with large brands?

We enjoy working with both small new entrants and established large brands to enhance and supplement existing product lines and also to start new products.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Minimum order for custom mash bill whiskey production is one 5,000 gallon fermenter, producing 12-15 standard 53-gallon barrels, depending on specific mash bill yield.

Do you have capacity immediately?

Yes, we have production capacity now. Get in touch to get distilling.

What is your staff experience and who leads the team?

Our Distillery Operations Manager holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and has extensive experience in demanding high-tech processing environments. She has a passion for distilling and brings a keen eye for technical detail as well as broad expertise in large scale product manufacturing. Her production staff bring additional experience in innovative small batch distilling and product development in multiple distillery settings, complementing the team. Our ownership team also hold backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Health Care Management, Regulatory Compliance and Industrial Facility Operations.

What makes bulk product produced by Southern Distilling Company different from other suppliers?

We produce authentic craft-made, grain-to-glass products. Our clients can bring their own innovative recipes to us and we encourage and welcome client engagement throughout the process. While this is an authentically craft-made product, we operate a state-of-the-art facility with the highest levels of quality control standards and assurance.

What is “grain-to-glass”?

Grain-to-glass describes how a distiller controls of every aspect of the process — beginning with sourcing locally-grown corn, wheat, rye and malted barley from farms within a 20-mile radius. We also procure client-selected grains from non-local suppliers, if preferred for a specific order. We mill to your specifications , offer long-term barrel storage and provide co-packaging services for our contract distilling clients, so you can give your customers a grain-to-glass product, too.

Are there different mash bill options available to choose from?

Yes. We have 18 standard mash bills to choose from.

Can I specify my own custom mash bill?

Yes! We will produce client-specific mash bills. Furthermore, if you desire to develop your own mash bill, we will work with you on the research and development process.

Can I participate in the production of my product?

We welcome and encourage a collaborative process with our clients. You can work directly beside our production team or simply come and visit during a production run of your product. Your participation at whatever level you desire makes your product uniquely your own.

Have the distillery's products been independently evaluated?

Yes, our products are regularly evaluated by leading industry experts for both qualitative and quantitative quality assurance measures.

Can you store the barrels you make for me?

Yes, we can store your barrels. Long-term barrel storage is available in our bonded warehouses.

We would love to talk with you more and find out what best fits your current needs and future plans!