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Closed July 4th

Closed July 4th

Southern Distilling Company will be closed on July 4th and will re-open on July 5th.  Thanks!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Paragon Wheated Whiskey Launches!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Paragon Wheated Whiskey Launches!

From our local grains to your glass, every drop is something to be savored.  We are happy to announce our new line of wheated straight bourbon whiskeys has launched.  Learn more at https://www.southerndistillingcompany.com/products/paragon-whiskey/.

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A high-capacity production craft distillery that offers cost-competitive contract distilling services including bulk spirits production of custom mash including non-GMO whiskeys, rums, and agave spirtits.

TASTY RECIPES ~ The Southern Sazarac

TASTY RECIPES ~ The Southern Sazarac Branded around the 1850s as the United States' first official cocktail (and currently the state of Louisiana's official state cocktail!), the Sazerac has been said to be the "perfect metaphor for a Southern gentleman". The defining...

On A Shelf Near You!

Are you looking for our award-winning Southern Star Bourbon Whiskeys? Click the map to see if we're on a shelf near you! If not, call your local ABC Store and ask for us by name (and NC ABC Code)! NC ABC Codes are as follows: *Southern Star Double Shot Bourbon Cream...

TASTY RECIPES ~ The Southern Boilermaker

Tomorrow is National Beer Day and we wanted to celebrate by sharing this simple "cocktail" with you. Sometimes, there's such beauty in simplicity! Take the Boilermaker, for instance... it's not sure when this popular concoction came into existence, but many believe...

AMAZING WOMEN ~ Forging Ahead

Since the first mash's distillation, women have always played an ongoing role in the history of whiskey. At the close of Women's History Month, we didn't want to feature just one amazing lady... instead, celebrate all of today's amazing whiskey women! From...

BOURBONISM 101: High Rye versus High Wheat

BOURBONISM 101: High Rye versus High Wheat Whether its sipped neat or on the rocks, with soft or spicy notes of fruit or cereal grains, the majority of bourbon's flavors come from one of two grains: rye or wheat.  As mentioned in a previous blog post, a "mash bill" is...

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