“Cheers, y’all”. It’s something we say a lot in the South and especially here at Southern Distilling Company!

Here at the distillery, we’ve had the very BEST 2017 imaginable and we are so happy and thankful to have shared this with you all. While there are literally hundreds of ways to say “Cheers”, we wanted give a great big salute to not only those here in North Carolina and in the South (as well as Canada, Australia, England, Russia and New Zealand), but all over the globe! Whether the toast is to health or to life, we wish everyone a very *Happy New Year!*

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Scottish and Irish: Sláinte! (pronounced “slawn-tcha”)
Hindi: Badhai Ho!

Spanish: ¡Salud!
Navajo: Ahóá!
French: À la vôtre! Or Santé! 
Italian: Salute! Or Cin Cin!
German: Prost!
Dutch: Proost!
Chinese: Gan bei!
Japanese: Kampai!
Russian: Na zdorovje!
Hebrew: L’Chaim!
Swedish: Skål!
Thai: Chon! Or Chon Gâew!
Grecian: Geiá mas!
Brazilian: Viva!


Making Tasty Products for Happy People!™

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