Taste the difference.

// Part of the High Rye Collection

This high proof bourbon packs a punch that will stop you in your tracks. Which is what we all need every now and then. So stop what you’re doing and enjoy the bold scents of all spice and pruned fruits with complex vanilla and oak barrel notes. And savor the surprising hints of orange peel and ginger. It’s intense. It’s spicy and sweet. It’s the perfect upper-tier bourbon to spend some time with.

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Color + Appearance

Vibrant and dark amber

Nose + Aroma

Bold aromas of all spice and sweet pruned fruit

Palate + Taste

Intense and pleasant vanilla flavors, strong oak barrel notes, complex hints of orange peel and spices of fresh ginger

Mash Bill

» 60% Corn
» 36% Rye
» 4% Malted Barley
» 750 ML

Best savored with A sense of adventure. New landscapes. No plans. No mixers.


Only the moments
worth sharing.