Small batch,
aged in wood.

// Part of the Specialty Collection

Two remarkable straight rye whiskeys, countless hours and failed trials, one perfectly balanced bottle of rye whiskey. This delightfully herbaceous and citrusy spirit smooths into a sizzle that warms the mouth before melting into a vanilla sweetness that hangs toward the back of the palate. So take a slow sip and a long while to see if you can’t figure out where one rye ends and the other begins.

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Color + Appearance

Honey gold

Nose + Aroma

Bouquet of fresh dill, coriander, green peppercorn, and deep caramel

Palate + Taste

Full-bodied with notes of cinnamon and orchard fruits

Mash Bill

» 750 ML / 44% ABV

Cheers to the


Ascot Awards, ’21


Best savored with Grilling out. Watching the game. Swapping stories. Ice from a cooler.


Only the moments
worth sharing.