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// Part of the High Rye Collection

Additional time spent aging in the barrel has produced an outstanding gentle bourbon well worth the wait. Rye spiciness explodes on the palate without being overly aggressive. Complex aromas and flavors add to your enjoyment and produce a long, smooth, and exceptional finish. All those years in a barrel is well worth a few extra moments to slow down and truly enjoy it.

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Color + Appearance

Deep rich amber color

Nose + Aroma

Bouquet of caramel, oak, campfire marshmallows, and vanilla

Palate + Taste

Pleasant notes of toffee, caramel, dates, fruit, rye spiced, big and well-balanced mouthfeel, explodes on the palate without being overly aggressive, long, smooth and exceptional finish

Mash Bill

» 60% Corn
» 36% Rye
» 4% Malted Barley
» 750 ML / 50% ABV

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American Distilling Institute Spirits Competition, ’18


New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, ’17


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