A single barrel.

// Part of the High Rye Collection

We carefully select stand-out single barrels of bourbon, the “best of the best.” No small task. The reward? Aromas of maple, caramel, and vanilla entice your nose before the rye spice, bright citrus, almond and vanilla sweetness, and leather hit your tongue. The short, peppery finish is just what you’d expect from this exceptional bourbon.

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Color + Appearance

Rich amber color

Nose + Aroma

Scents of maple, caramel, cotton candy, and vanilla

Palate + Taste

Sweet almond and vanilla, bright orange, leather, and a short, spicy finish

Mash Bill

» 60% Corn
» 36% Rye
» 4% Malted Barley
» 750 ML / 45% ABV

Best savored with Long summer days. Fireflies. A job well done. Rocks or no rocks.


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