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Southern Distilling Company: Where History Meets Innovation

From a dream conceived on a family farm, Pete and Vienna Barger set their sights on building a state-of-the-art distillery in Statesville, NC as a way to tap into home and heritage and revive the legacy of North Carolina’s deep distilling roots. In the 18th and 19th centuries, whiskey and brandy distillation dominated the region with thousands of gallons of liquor shipping from and through the city every day. With over 450 distilleries and two major railroad lines converging there, Statesville became known as “The Liquor Capital of the World” until prohibition passed, changing the course of history for North Carolina distillers.

In 2014, The Southern Distilling Company was established and soon became one of the largest and most advanced craft distilleries in the nation, setting a new standard and leading the revitalization of whiskey distillation in the region. The company mission is to provide the highest quality contract and branded distilled spirits available to both the local region and customers worldwide who desire a sense of truth and place in the drinks they enjoy.

In a world where consumers want to know where and how products are made, we offer authenticity in a craft-made product.

With the explosive growth in American whiskeys, there is no greater example of segment opportunity than with premium and super-premium craft made spirits.

In addition to manufacturing Southern Distilling Company’s in-house brands, we are pleased to offer contract services to other domestic and foreign brand owners, distilleries and retailers. We are a grain-to-glass, certified craft distiller. Boasting state-of-the-art equipment and an expert staff, we provide all our contract clients with the highest levels of quality control while allowing for maximum flexibility. You define the product and mash bill and are invited to participate in the entire process, thus making a product that is authentically your own. 

We have production capacity available immediately and offer a full suite of services beyond production, including long term barrel storage, co-packing, product development and more.

Distillation & Bulk Spirits Production

  • Our 18” copper and stainless-steel continuous column still is manufactured by Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky. Annual production capacity of 500,000 proof gallons.
  • We specialize in bourbon, rye and American single malt whiskey mash. Ample bulk grain storage facilities on site ensure clients can take advantage of pricing efficiencies.
  • We can help negotiate grain production contracts and offer ready access to local grains including corn, wheat, rye and malted barley, all from within a 20-mile radius of our facility.
  • On-site milling to virtually any grind specification using a Roskamp two-high 9 x 24 Rollermill.
  • Our 5,000-gallon jacketed stainless-steel fermentation tanks and 2,500-gallon stainless-steel mash cooker, enable us to provide clients with unsurpassed flexibility with mash bill variations, while taking advantage of cost efficiencies due to economies of scale.
  • Highly qualified and experienced production team.

Quality Control Standards & Experienced Staff

  • Industry-leading state-of-the-art controls and test protocols to ensure quality and consistency, batch after batch, run after run.
  • Our Distillery Operations Manager holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and has extensive experience in demanding high-tech processing environments. She has a passion for distilling and brings a keen eye for technical detail as well as broad expertise in large scale product manufacturing.
  • Our production staff bring additional experience in innovative small batch distilling and product development in multiple distillery settings, complementing the team.

Flexible, small batch production for a wide variety of spirits

  • Dedicated small batch copper and stainless-steel pot still for specific small batch fruit brandies, boutique whiskeys, and other spirits.
  • Supported by dedicated 500-gallon cooker and two fermentation tanks.

Southern Distilling Company offers a range of services to our contract distilling clients, including co-packaging, barrel brokerage, bonded warehouse storage and product development.

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We would love to talk with you more and find out what best fits your current needs and future plans!